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Hello world

Published by Italo Padovesi at July 10, 2022 - 216 words

Welcome to QuerciaLabs! We are dedicated to exploring, exploiting and improving everything related to Computer Science. Be sure to follow us using RSS link to get live updates from our blog.

Why another blog

We wanted to be famous on Hacker News, then we thought it was a nice move to contact one of their mods. We asked where we could post our website for showcasing services. This was the answer.

Hacker News is for articles of intellectual interest, so you probably won’t get far by posting your home page. But if you wrote an article about your experiences—not one oriented toward selling, but rather something conversational that talks about what you’ve learned and gives specific examples, either interesting stories or technical details or both, such an article would be more on topic and then would perhaps have the side effect of drawing attention to your business.

If we look at home page, we will probably see a lot of blog posts that are really interesting but - in a subtle way - features a brand. Both personal or company ones. Now we finally understood Hacker News and its purpose.

In this blog, we will write about embedded devices, information security, blockchain and all the buzzwords you probably know. We hope that you can enjoy it!

If you spot any mistakes, errors, or want to write us, this is our email.