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Based in Italy, specializing in Information Security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Embedded Linux, and the various needs that come from those applications, QuerciaLabs strives for quality service, in a fast, friendly and timely fashion. If you need some help in your latest project, take a look at the Services page.

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Sales: To get a free quote, know about more our brand, and obtain more information about our services, contact sales@quercialabs.com

IT support: To obtain technical support for already implemented applications, please contact support@quercialabs.com


Information Security: it is important to protect valuable information and assets to your company. We can provide a vulnerability assessment, consultants and more for your needs. Our services include formal security audit. We love bugs and security leaks do not scare us!

Programming: With a variety of languages, we can solve your small to medium sized needs. From programming microcontrollers, to websites, or desktop applications, we have you covered. Our tech stacks include, as top choices, Go, Java, PHP, and C/C++ for the embedded part.

Reversing: Security through obscurity does not work. Our team is prepared to reverse and analyze tons of different file formats, and unpackers. With our stakeholders, we developed a unique way to deep into several obfuscators and anti-reversing tools that can be broken. Executables, Office macros, and malicious script will have a short life at our laboratory.

Unix&BSD: Desktop, server, and embedded. We can set up, modify, configure and do administration tasks for nearly any job. Our expertise includes years of debugging, compiling and inspecting daily drivers for Unix. We use Buildroot, OpenWRT, and Yocto projects to create new unix-based distributions for your appeals.

Custom tools: Need a task automated? Need something to pry, poke, or test your hardware or software? Using the latest technologies, we can do that too.

Blockchain: Monero, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are our three favorite cryptocurrencies. We have some experience dealing with blockchain-based payments, protocol design and technical review. We’ll help you assess, design, customize, deploy and manage digital ledger technology systems so you can confidently leverage security as a powerful differentiator in this dynamic market. We daily work with Solidity, a solid programming language to write smart contracts, including Rust too.

For a free quote, or questions contact Sales.

Are you a freelancer?

We are looking for freelancers. Send us your Resumé on sales@quercialabs.com.